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Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow
A Wild and Crazy True-Life Adventure in Mexico


Come join the odyssey as the author sails his 40’ ketch to Mazatlán Mexico to hook up with his Mexican “partners” – jumping into his dream of sailing charter skipper in Mañanaville. Sail along, ride along in the Jeepster and hang out with David in cantinas, whorehouses, happy-hours. Among good friends, friendly enemies, and tequila soaked ex-pats he weaves in and out of charter guests, sunsets, tourist ladies, house arrest by the federales, and a partner who threatens to shoot him and sink his boat – to discover Mexico, himself, and new love.
What Would Jimmy Buffett Say, If….
Just for Parrotheads! An introduction to Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow
This book was written specifically for a book signing at "Meeting of the Minds" in Key West, Fl. as a "Buffettesque" introduction to "Mañana". It's pieces of "Mañana" with additional tie-ins to the world of "Parrotheads." 
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So, yeah, what would Jimmy Buffett say if he was the navigator on my three -year year wild and crazy true-life adventure in Mexico? Well hell, he kinda was – in song and spirit anyway.Grab a sheaf of Buffett songs, toss em’ into a blender and you have a recipe for my sailing and land exploits in Mexico. Or – take my adventures, shake em’ hard, add ice and salt and lime and you get Jimmy Buffett songs spilling out of the shaker. Here are are some some slices of Jimmy of Jimmy’s songs that reach out and ensnare fragments of the adventure  – followed by followed  pieces of the true story, Mañana Doesn’t Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow. 
This is a great way for Parrotheads  to see how Jimmy captured the essence of my adventure, as  well as how I captured the essence many his lyrics – and, at the same time, get a preview of f the book.

Dig in – have fun
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Tales from Mañanaville

Observations, Anecdotes and True Stories

from South of the Border

A collection of true stories from David's 30 years of traveling, and living, in Mexico.


A harrowing sailing experience on the Sea of Cortes



A Christmas near-encounter with cartel hit men


  A blistering observation of bullfighting


  Taking tourists on an illegal tour


  Sport-fishing for love and Marlin

   And much, much more...



These stories are scattered over many years, many subjects, and are in no particular order.


Some are lighthearted jaunts. Some, a bit more serious. You can begin in the middle, end, or beginning. It doesn’t matter. Some can be read in three minutes, other may take a half hour. Some are expanded versions of writings from the Mazatlán Messenger, where, here, I don’t have the constraints of word count or language or political correctness. Others have never, in any version, appeared anywhere before. The dates next to the stories are when they happened. I have written it all down over the past ten years or so.


When I sent this to my editor, she suggested that Coconut Telegraph and Bravo!? might not be appropriate here as they may be too serious and don’t express the typical, mostly lighthearted, cavorting and tomfoolery filtering through most of the other tales.  In a rare spate of acting on advice, I toned them down a bit – yet, while still not listening to her completely, included them anyway. I added a final story full of irreverent humor to lighten up the final pages.


As mentioned, experiences in Mexico, as everywhere, are often filled with ecstatic highs and gut-wrenching lows.

"I just read the first story - The Art of the Illegal Tour. Liked it a lot. Very engaging."


"I would like to compliment you on "Tales"! I find myself re-reading passages for excellent structure and conveying of images and emotion!"       Ray